Booking conditions

Apartment booking is possible by phone, email and through our website or booking portal. After booking, you will receive an email confirmation. It shall contain all the necessary information. Please contact us prior to the arrival and inform us about your arrival time. 

Please prepare passports or other identification documents, sign the agreement and pay other fees. Then you will receive the keys to the apartment and chip to the front door. Guests can make the payment in cash in PLN or by credit card. In case of cancellation, please cancel your reservation in cancellation period based on your booking conditions. The cancellation after the deadline shall cause an automatic charging with the fee for the whole stay. 
Smoking is not permitted in the whole building. If any violation of this prohibition, the penalties, in accordance with the Regulations shall apply.

Bank details: 

Katarzyna Bobilewicz
ul. Grodzka 3, 31-006 Kraków

Bank Pekao S.A.
PL18 1240 4432 1111 0010 7242 0525