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How to visit Cracow by bike?

There is a Wavelo bicycle rental in Cracow. The website should be made registration, complete data and accept the regulations. A code will be sent to the phone number and e-mail address provided. Then we register in the system and pay a minimum of 20 PLN to your account.
The terminal map is available on the website. Customer Service Office: +48 12 290 33 33

At any terminal, we give the customer number and PIN code and follow the on-screen instructions. The bike will be automatically released with an electric lock - pull out the U-lock lock. When returning the bike - all you need to do is clip the bike with the U-lock to any stand. The correct return is indicated by an acoustic signal. If there is no stand at the station, you can place the bike next to the station and secure it with the U-lock and then press the Return button and follow the instructions on the terminal display.

The identification at the rental can also be made with the help of cards operating in proximity technology - for example, the Krakow City Card. For subsequent rentals, instead of identification by phone and PIN, just bring the card to the reader.

Price list:
Monthly settlements: PLN 19 per month, for use 60 minutes a day.
Monthly payment: 24 PLN per month, to use 90 minutes a day.
Daily settlement: 29 zlotys - 12h of driving for use within 24 hours.
Minute settlement: 0.19 gr per minute of driving.